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Paper Management - We have the solution for your paper confusion.  
    Active papers need a parking place. 
    Reference papers need a filing space.
    Find key documents or reference materials when you need them the most. 
Space Planning - Have a logical furniture plan 
    Create a logical furniture plan for a single office or an entire department.
    Locate interactive work teams in convenient and logical proximity.
    Place equipment or supplies near workers who use them the most.
Office Moves - We’ll handle the move while you handle your work. 
    Let Out From Under move your office so that your staff can keep moving
    forward on their work.
    54% of employees who coordinate office relocations quit, transfer, or take
    some leave of absence upon completion of the move.

Storage Rooms and Storage Systems - Where is the WD-40?
    Office supplies, shipping supplies, computer cables, promotional materials.
    Yes, you can meet that FedEx cut off time without heart-pounding stress.
     And by the way...where did we put the WD-40?

Assets Inventory - Are you underinsured or overinsured?
    Does your insurance company have an updated schedule of all high-ticket  
    items such as computers and software,furniture, or special equipment? 
    Or have you downsized and no longer own as much office equipment and   
    furniture as before? 
Family Emergency Plan - Documents for your Heirs
    You and your attorney have finalized your trust. Congratulations. Your 
    family is all set, right?  Not quite...     
   Our estate organizing service begins where your attorney’s estate planning 
    service ends.
    What about that worksheet your estate planning attorney gave you for  
    recording the names and telephone numbers of your financial and legal 
    advisors, bank account numbers, investment accounts, insurance policies, 
    burial plots, final wishes, specific gifts for your heirs, and other vital
    information that your family will need when the time comes to settle your 
    estate?  How about that document locator that tells your family exactly  
    where your real estate documents and other important documents are?  
    Have you compiled and organized this information?  
    If you are like most people the answer is probably “no”.  You’re not alone.  
    We work hands on, step-by-step to help you compile and organize this vital 
    Make it easy for your loved ones.  Give them the gift of having vital information in an organized way so that they can settle your affairs.
    It’s the right thing to do. 

Home Evacuation Plan - Important Documents
   The key to survival is preparation. In the event of a forced evacuation, the
    Vital Records PortaVault is one smart product for organizing, storing, and
    transporting your vital documents into a grab-and-go solution.  We work
    hands on, step-by-step to help you compile and organize your important
    vital records into one safe place...just in case.
    We review & update your PortaVault annually for changes or additions.*14379a6a0f2b10f71c5d0454&name=Sandra_Atecashapeimage_2_link_0