At the core of nearly every organizing dilemma is the frustration of not being able to access key resources when they are needed most – from misplaced personal items and information to lost professional data crucial to deadlines and commitments. Without the ability to move forward, feelings of dread or resignation set in.  Whether the scenario occurs in your home office, business office, or studio, clutter combined with a lack of systems creates a web of growing aggravation.

Simple and Effective Systems

Out From Under office organizing begins with simple and effective systems that work intuitively for each client to provide easy access to information as the need arises. Whether Out From Under customizes the approach for one individual or adapts it for groups that interact, Sandra Ateca blends logic, spatial skills, intuition and creativity to problem-solve and create personalized, long-term solutions.

Increase Productivity

Resulting client benefits include the ability to respond to challenges more quickly and easily, better control over daily workflow, and increased productivity with decreased resource waste. Let’s face it, an organized individual or team will run circles around their disorganized competitors any day of the week.

Be Prepared for a Family Emergency

Pre-planned estate organizing is the process of compiling and organizing your most important financial and legal information *before* a family emergency or loss occurs and telling your loved ones where this important information is .  If something happened to you tomorrow would your spouse or children know where to find the family’s key legal and financial documents or would they have to go on a search and rescue mission?  What about important pass codes, access to safes, or other vital information to keep your  business running?

Be Prepared for a Natural Disaster

Plan ahead.  Be prepared and recover quickly after a natural disaster.

If you were forced to evacuate your home or office in 30 minutes would you be able to gather the most important documents that you would need to rebuild your personal or professional life after a natural disaster?  For most individuals, families, or business owners these important documents will comfortably fit into a zippered “grab-n-go”three-ring binder.  For any individual, family, or business owner whose important documents span one or more file drawers, we can tailor a system to your specific needs.



Organized living, one step at a time.